Securities Investor Protection Corporation

By Ira M. Millstein and Holly J. Gregory

Weil’s senior partner Ira M. Millstein and partner Holly J. Gregory reflect annually on corporate governance.  “Rebuilding Trust: The Corporate Governance Opportunity for 2012.” is published in the March-April 2012 issue of Corporate Governance Advisor and posted at The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.  Millstein and Gregory, both Corporate Governance partners, offer their thoughts on how–without the need for regulatory intervention–boards and shareholders can rebuild trust in 2012 and, by doing so, help resolve some of the tensions that are stalling our economic recovery.

 Link to the posting here, or download a pdf.

“Concerns about the responsible use of corporate power remain high in the wake of the financial crisis. Although these concerns have been focused primarily on the financial sector, there is spillover to corporations in every industry. Tough economic conditions, slow job growth, political dysfunction and general uncertainties about the future continue to undermine investor confidence and fuel public distrust (with Occupy Wall Street an example). This in turn intensifies the scrutiny of corporate actions and board decisions, … [click to continue…]